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Apparently they all put on similar acts, bringing to question of who ripped-off who, but only the Moulin Rouge forgoes the more shocking forms of audience participation (i.e. “Participation” doesn’t involve actual sexual intercourse (there’s plenty of prostitutes surrounding the street for that), but they do involve things that would be difficult to get a loved one to agree to.A few friends and I checked out the Casa Rosso club, apparently the oldest and most famous of Amsterdam’s live sex shows.

The Live Porn activity includes a private guide and some free drinks.One would not be too surprised then to find out that Amsterdam hosts an Erotic Museum as well.It's a serious, interesting museum that circumvents the bluntness of pornography.It’s the easiest of the theaters to spot with a giant neon-pink elephant dancing above it, an either welcoming or terrible sight depending on the quality of coffee shops attended throughout the day.Prices are 35 Euro for a single ticket, or 50 Euro for one with four drink tickets included.

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- May be that the list with films scenes loads a bit slowly at Sincity Flix Movies.