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Therefore it accesses the Windows System Event Log using the Event Logging API.

So it runs even under good old Windows XP Download Executable & Source V1.0 (11KB) Version 1.1 (fixed minor bugs) Source available : YES Description : A little commandline tool (I required for personal needs) to search files or whole directories for strings (byte-wise search).

Download Executable & Source (15KB) Version : 1.0 / Date: August 2014 Source available : YES Description : This is a little tool which prints the startup and shutdown time stamps of Windows to the console.

This version should be nearly bugfree :-) Download Executable & Source (62KB) Date: January 2004 Source available : YES Description : Just a little file searcher tool.

It's the result while I was playing with the Find First File/Find Next File Apis.

So probably this isn't the best solution, but it works :-) Nevertheless have a look yourself at the source...

Download Executable & Source (8KB) Date: June 2005 Source available : YES Description : Converts hexadecimal numbers in decimal & binary and the other ways round...

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Version : 1.1 / Date: August 2006 Source available : YES Description : This is my own implementation of the huffman compression algorithm.

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