Darwinist dating

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Darwinist dating

He soon decided to write his doctorate about the Pacific islands.He had, however, by now also become convinced that what was accounted progress by civilisation was no such thing when it took mankind further away from nature, and determined to try to live as ancient man had done.

It was also on Fatu-Hiva that he heard, from a former cannibal, the story of Tiki.Despite his taste for adventure, he remained terrified of water after twice almost drowning as a boy, and did not learn to swim until he was 22.At the University of Oslo, Heyerdahl read Zoology and Geography, but he had already become fascinated by Polynesia.On April 28 1947, the Kon-Tiki pushed off from the Peruvian port of Callao.For 101 days it drifted across the Pacific, pushed towards Polynesia - as Heyerdahl had predicted - by warm currents and the south-east trade wind.

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His father ran a mineral water plant and a brewery while his mother, a keen Darwinist, ran the town museum.

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  1. The emphasis on classics gave rise to a number of private student societies, open only by invitation, which arose primarily as forums for discussions of modern scholarship, literature and politics.