Dating with pure passion audiobook

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Dating with pure passion audiobook

Rob Eagar offers theological truths related to being a new creature in Christ and illustrates how these principles can manifest themselves appropriately in a Christian dating relationship.""Our college students were refreshed to hear Rob Eagar's emphasis on developing a passion for Christ.

His message is biblical and very practical for Christian students.

You will not want to miss the message of this book.""Rob writes as if he is inside the heart and head of the reader.

This book is a must for singles who hunger to experience life to the fullest.

I recommend Rob to any college that wants to encourage Christian students to love Christ first.""Rob Eagar has an extraordinary ability to connect with single adults at the deepest level.

It skillfully depicts what passionate living looks like and shows how to get there.

Listen to live recordings of Rob Eagar speaking at a Dating with Pure Passion Singles Conference.

Rob reveals how the love of Christ answers difficult dating questions, such as: Session 1 - Discovering Pure Passion ( min.) Session 2 - Choosing the Best Person to Date () Session 3 - Appreciating Sex & Resisting Temptation () Session 4 - Dealing with the Pressure to be Married () No matter where Rob goes, he hears the same question from women, "Where are all the good Christian men to date?

" So, he interviewed singles across the country and discovered some big reasons that actually drive men away from dating Christian women.

Men, this message may give words to some of your frustrations.

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