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Donated misfile updating

FYI Across A Moonlit Sea(Pirate Wolf series) A rip roaring high seas adventure set in Elizabethan England when dashing privateers known as sea hawks banded together to guard their country and their queen against the Invincible Armada being amassed by Spain.

Simon Dante, the Pirate Wolf, meets his match in battle and in love when he crosses ...

It may need a lot of editing, but It's a complete story sprung from their brow.

Planners on the other hand may not need as much editing because ...

they have the story outlined and set up before they ever get going on a draft. Mom is home, she and dad have more care than they had before (and that chafes them, but they refused assisted living which their insurance would pay for. as opposed to home care which it does not) I wind up playing parent more and more which puts me in the way of more grumbling and growling.

Both ways work, but one edits before and one edits after creation. I had a nice safe direction all planned for this Wandering Ones story (ok, a vague outline in my head) and as I was drawing Friday's page, my hands took the story in quite another direction. I think I am often as much in the dark about the story as any other reader. I can safely say this has been one of the most stressful years so far.

It's been like that movie "The Mist" only the mist burns your lungs and eyes.

The amount of time to vote each round seems to get more narrow as well.

However, we seem to have hit a point of momentary calm and I am breathing deep and recentering my wa.

In other news I am working on two books at the same time; the novel I mentioned last year and a book on awareness of urban predators.

(After no small amount of work trying to get into the correct format) I wish I could've gotten rid of the white surrounding borders..

Now I'm working on two books at once (and the webcomic). and a martial arts awareness book with my pal Kris Wilder (author of several books on the martial arts - see Amazon).

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