Filmul politist de gradinita online dating

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Filmul politist de gradinita online dating

Alright, i saw the first movie as a kid, and it starred my (then) favourite "actor" in Arnold Swartzenagger. Nowhere near an iconic or classic as Commando, Terminator 2 or whatever, but still a good time.

Anyway when i saw this was released i had to give it a look. But my biggest problem with it is Mister Lundgren's age.So in the end, this movie may make you ask why they made it in the first place, but then the real question should be why not?The first one was never "that good" to begin with, and it wasn't that terrible.I like Dolph Lundgren, i mean sure he is a more mobile Steven Seagal, starring in the same type of scripts and same type of roles as him, usually in the same type of budget movies. He is acting and somewhat playing the role of a 35 years old (max) dude while he clearly look in his advanced 50s at least.And of course they decided to give the supporting role to a beautiful actress that look like a barely 26 years old hottie. The fact is, she is way too young for Lundgren and this make the whole movie awkward and unbelievable.

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The difference in Kindgarten Cop is that he is playing a vulnerable human character and the audience does not want him to be hurt not just because he is the hero but because they like him.

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