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" After advising her to keep dating (can people on this show please stop telling people they love to go on dates?

Looking at you, Meredith), he offers this mildly nauseating piece of encouragement: “You’ve got good instincts, kid.” Life hack: If someone birthed your kid, please do not call them kid. Eliza maybe (possibly) (probably) hit on Arizona After the surgeons found Eliza’s notebook with a list of their names, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) was upset that she’s not on it, thinking that means Eliza ranked her low on her list.

I absolutely love Bailey's new flirtation with Ben (Jason George) the anesthesiologist. He's gorgeous, he cooks, he's already proven himself an excellent communicator, and it seems that he and Bailey are really on the same page.

Plus, "Grey's Anatomy" always gets a boost when some humor is injected into the love stories.

April started dating In case the brutal beat-downs, mysterious pasts and complicated love triangles distracted you from the fact that these doctors are #fun and #hip, April (Sarah Drew) joined Tinder!

Yes, just when things were finally starting to go well between her and the baby daddy she’s still in love with, she started swiping.

After a day of fighting with Bailey about the overhaul of his program, Webber admitted that he wanted Eliza to take the job and that they would be a solid team, which sounds great, except that Eliza had told Bailey seconds before that she would only come to the hospital if she were to work alone, explaining, "I am the authority." Tell Us: Is a major shakeup heading to Grey Sloan?

“They’re gonna overhaul the program because I beat up De Luca,” Alex (Justin Chambers) said to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo).

When she disagreed and argued that not everything was about him, he bluntly explained: "A teacher beat up a student." Meredith quickly replied: "Oh, that makes sense." What are friends for, right?

Unfortunately I'm not convinced that Mark and Teddy make a good match.

It seems more like the writers saw two available characters and contrived a reason to shove them together.

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Not only did she dish out the laughs with Bailey, but her scenes with Mark are always perfectly sharp.

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