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We do lots of live screenings – in New York, mainly, but also in other cities – and there’s something really great about a roomful of people and the sort of responses you can see unfolding as the movie plays. Personally, I’ve noticed the people are incredibly friendly and it feels like you could eat out every night for months without ever doing the same cuisine twice. (We’re members and try to get uptown to the New York headquarters for lectures and just to hang out as much as we can.) 6 on the 6ix | 6 Quickfire Questions on Toronto: Drake or The Weeknd? (Not a big pop-music guy, but my fiancée is a big Weeknd fan and responsible for this preference.) Christopher Plummer or Donald Sutherland? In this case Billy is also really proactive about festival submissions. People I know who’ve lived here for years have commented on the creative energy that’s come along in the past 10 years or so. En medio de polémicas, dos ausencias a los entrenamientos y su lucha por dejar atrás las adicciones a las drogas, Brian Fernández se alejó de Racing y se sumó a Sarmiento de Junín con el fin de alejarse de los escándalos.Sin embargo, en las últimas horas salieron a la luz unos chats íntimos del jugador con una mujer donde ambos arreglan para un encuentro sexual.We’re really interested in people who are in tension with modernity: their existence is largely pre-digital, they are proud to do things their own way, they have no idea who, say, Miley Cyrus is.We didn’t see a lot of media outlets interested in presenting topics like this in an engaging way, so we decided to make one. It’s this idea of fertile, exotic, untamed places – the ‘Jungles’ – being presented in a curated, somewhat refined environment.

It’s a labor-intensive process and a job she balances with raising children in simple village surroundings underneath these otherworldly mountains, and she does it all in a way that is really just amazing to watch. But quite composed, too, in a way that I think does justice to both the craft we’re seeing and the amount of patience and focus required to do it. It’s one of four films that our friends Guille Isa and Billy Silva shot for Jungles in Paris in Peru last year.

What is the main message or mission behind the company’s films?

We never put advocacy or even messaging front and center.

Oliver and I, the directors we work with, have varying amounts of experience in documentary, but none of us is a veteran and festivals – especially really top-notch ones like Hot Docs – are a chance to do a giant download of the industry: what kinds of films are people making, who are the talented young directors, how are films finding audiences? We’ve been pretty confident about our films since we started, but to get a validation like this obviously firms it up even more.

What does it mean for the film’s world premiere to be at Hot Docs, North America’s largest documentary film festival?

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