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In 1999, Sweden made it legal to sell sex but illegal to buy it—only the johns and the traffickers can be prosecuted.This is the only approach to prostitution that's based on "sex equality," argues University of Michigan law professor Catharine Mac Kinnon.Here, she examines how expat men are using dating apps to approach women for casual sex, and the price many women pay for accepting their advances.It was a hot Friday evening in Doha when I downloaded the Meet Me app and created a profile.It treats prostitution as a social evil but views the women who do it as the victims of sexual exploitation who "should not be victimized again by the state by being made into criminals," as Mac Kinnon put it to me in an e-mail.

That's a disappointment for advocates of legalization, and lately there's another favorite model.

Waltman says that there's a lot of debate in Sweden because some people inside and outside the industry still want straight-out legalization but that no systematic studies have shown that the law has made sex work worse or riskier.

In the end, this seems like the most salient question: Forget Eliot Spitzer.

According to this Web site for the Women's Justice Center, Sweden's way of doing things is a big success.

"In the capital city of Stockholm the number of women in street prostitution has been reduced by two thirds, and the number of johns has been reduced by 80%." Trafficking is reportedly down to 200 to 400 girls and women a year, compared with 15,000 to 17,000 in nearby Finland.

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