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He deduces that Theresa's family was killed by a hitman, and that there is still a price on her head.He follows leads back to Solmick (Michael Medeiros), the original contract killer, who admits that he let Theresa live because he refuses to kill children.Reese starts tracking him down, but discovers that Latimer has himself been murdered after handing the file over to Elias. He and Finch believe that she's being targeted by Andrew Benton (Adam Rothenberg), a serial stalker and sex offender who drugs his victims before raping them, only to discover that Tillman is actually stalking Benton and planning to kill him; one of Benton's previous victims was Tillman's sister, who committed suicide shortly after Benton assaults her.The file is revealed to contain photos from the scene of a brutal murder. Reese assaults a group of dealers connected to a Mexican drug cartel, stealing their product and planting it on Benton to have him arrested before Tillman can catch him.A Polish street gang known as SP-9 kidnaps the son (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick) of Samuel Gates (David Costabile), a judge known to be tough on crime.In exchange for his son's safe return, the leader (Michael Cerveris) demands that the judge release a banker who is key to their money-laundering operations without any punishment.

Reese agrees to continue preventing violent crimes.

Reese infiltrates the gang for their final robbery at an NYPD evidence lockup.

They steal a file marked "Elias, M." before Latimer (Ruben Santiago-Hudson), the ringleader, starts killing off the gang members and escapes.

Reese takes the case of Theresa Whitaker (Valentina de Angelis), a girl who supposedly died with her family two years previously.

Reviewing the evidence, Reese finds that the crime scene was staged to look like a murder-suicide.

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Meanwhile, Detective Carter starts investigating Reese, using his fingerprints to access his file, only to discover that it has been redacted.

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