Updating fireplace home decorating korean 22nd day of dating

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Generic wood balusters can be replaced with decorative wrought iron,and because they tend to be thinner, it adds more visual depth, plus an old world charm.

Wrought Iron Stair railings - Old world styles can range from very ornate and romantic with lots of swirls, to vertical balusters with decorative bird cages, or rustic with simple twists in the iron.

Or, donate them to a good cause and get a tax deduction.

Check out local charities like Habitat for Humanity's "Re-Stores".

Aluminum Stair Railing - One of the best reasons to go with aluminum stair railings outdoors is the anti rust factor, especially in coastal areas where heavy morning fog combined with sea salts can wreak havoc on metal stair railings.

It's even more important when painting staircases would be down right dangerous.

If you already have wrought iron or wood stair railings and just want ideas for painting staircases, then please check out my stair railing ideas page, where I talk about different paint techniques that can be applied to turn ordinary into something quite extraordinary.Wood Stair Railing and Antique Staircases - Simple DIY paint ideas can turn boring staircase designs into something quite fabulous.New wood stair railings can be made to look old by layering two different paint colors and partially sanding off the top coat, then adding a glaze tinted the color of dirt, that gets applied and then rubbed off.If done well, it can increase the value of your home, and your enjoyment of it.Whether you like sleek and modern, traditional, or rustic, there are many ways to update your staircases design to better reflect your style, and your home's personality.

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