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Walking dead issue 149 online dating

He places the sunflower at his wife's makeshift grave.

He says that this is his way of honoring her and that he is always thinking about her. He comes across a truck filled with canned food, only to discover they have expired. Inside, he finds a baseball bat but leaves without it.

Presumably hours later Rick is found by Maggie who panics and takes him to Dr.

Carson's house where he is surrounded by Jesus, Maggie, and Michonne.

He tells the crowd that he is sure they remember their own experiences of those earlier times as well and that he himself lost his wife, his child and so many friends he can't even remember them all.

He insists they cannot return to those days and that as a leader his most important job is to make sure they move forward and not back. Rick continues by saying that his hesitance to strike back at the Whisperers with force stems from the fact that if they do so, they could be endangering everything they have managed to build and accomplished together, emphasizing that working together in a large group is what has kept them safe thus far.

He admits that sometimes he wishes he had died and she had lived, as she probably wouldn’t have ended up alone like he has. The next day at Lucille’s grave, he explains that he knows she is dead and that despite naming his baseball bat after her, he cannot replace her but he can replace the bat. He comes across some barbed wire and as he is wrapping it around the bat, Maggie and Dante show up.

Maggie tells Dante to wait outside before asking Negan if he knows who she is.

Back in Alexandria, Eugene and Rick continues to talk about the formation of their new military.One of the hooded men proceeds to beat Rick and taunt him about his lacking leadership.Eventually his hood falls down, revealing him to be Morton Rose.Rick proceeds to speak in front of the gathered group of people and starts off by telling them that he was attacked last night by two of their own because he wasn't taking action fast enough.He affirms that maybe they're right and admits he's scared of going back to the way they things were before.

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